Love Song

pisces evades waiting so long now numb to the sting. the string pulling forward against your will. writing down when the sun is up and seeing all the threes and bring people to their knees with this vocabulary. mano a mano. vis a vis. per se. indubitably

clean sheets on dirty bodies a phoenix rising embracing tonal shifts that make me, me. that make me texan. that make me loud. that make me cold, systematic

no more automatic sorrys or invisible i love yous. can't you see I see right through you. although maybe in a way I can kinda start to see the reason that I fell for you

You’re Gonna Carry That 


shoulders of brick

the way brittle black tourmaline 

protects so much better raw

and unpolished citrine speaks

a quiet moment between lovers

turning toward each other like sunflowers


a gentle twist, breast in hand

wide and wild like sunflowers 

Leave the Light

our love a stubborn stag

lying among shrubbery to die

by some miracle

of old age

instead of bite or bullet

no gruesome wound

no blood


a quiet death

a sigh

just the next

natural step

twitching ears with white tufts

of hair hear thunder

not far away


the beast’s head slumps

and from his antlers come tumbling

pictures of our memories

and in his large black marble eyes


the flicker of lightning

is mirrored in the shifting glare

of the TV as you sleep

with your head in my lap


lower the volume

but leave the light

so the new darkness

doesn’t wake you


softly massage

my fingers in your hair

study your long, black

baby giraffe lashes


I didn’t know then

it was the last time

we’d be so physically close


eye-burning gratitude

for this soft farewell

because if the break

had been violent 

I fear my mind

could not snap back

like a brittle rubber band

for how does one recover

from the rending

of their lungs in half


an athlete’s torn tendon 

a heart muscle skipping

like a stumbling sprinter

abruptly falling




composure lost

our laughing shadows

sweep over gouges

healing and something

dissolved between us

blameless children again


tie me up

hurriedly but carefully

a small raw smile

pulls at my lips

oh, to see your face just then


rope digs twisting wrist

your hold on my neck

is hesitant but I hope

for pressure— tension

I wonder at your gentleness

your fear


kiss my way around you

stopping only to focus

on birth mark road stops


I bite

down on that sweet slope

above your clavicle

but just a little 

not quite committing


was this a let-down 

how much pain

were you hoping for

was I just a tease

did you long for blood

an unspoken release


The Train

throat’s sore

neck tired like

my head’s too heavy


become a universe

and delete all

parasitic text messages


I lost my thought

I missed the train


I find I can’t care

that you’re drowning

downing my coffee

closing my eyes tight