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I've always found joy in naming things-my sister's Pokémon, my friend's sculpture pieces, bands both actualized and simply spoken of.


I fashioned a new name for myself, and have found comfort in terms like pansexual, demisexual, genderfluid, and transmasculine.

Still, I concede that true power lies in those things that defy a pinning down-those wicked, engulfing, gorgeous things.


As a writer, these nameless things haunt me, but they are only teaching, so I do my best to listen.


Lee Dobecka is a novelist, poet, and native Texan holding a B.A. in English - Creative Writing from the University of Houston with a minor in Interdisciplinary Art.


Their work melds a deep passion for music with medical and religious imagery to create a brutal, lyrical voice. Their writing dances in romantic caprice, delighting in the sad surprises of life. 

Lee has work forthcoming this June in's next anthology. They also plan to re-release their poetry collection in August 2023, and their paranormal romance novella in December.

When not writing, Lee cares for their cat Aziraphale and collects tattoos and vintage oddities. They always welcome the chance to connect and collaborate with other creatives, whatever their chosen medium.

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