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Lee Dobecka

 author & lyricist 
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When I was very young, I found a book of baby name origins and meanings in a grocery store while my mom was in the check-out line. Feeling that I'd discovered a rare treasure, I rushed to sneak it onto the conveyor belt.

I've always found joy in naming things, my sister's Pokémon, my college friend's sculpture pieces, my own stories and characters. I even fashioned a new name for myself, one that both frees and grounds me.

I do concede, however, that the quest to name a thing, to gain control, is a foolhardy endeavor. It's a deeply human grasping for understanding and truth, those words so grand they almost hold no meaning.

True power lies in those things that defy a pinning down, a naming- those wicked, engulfing, gorgeous things.

As a writer these nameless things seem to taunt me, but they are only teaching, so I do my best to listen.


Lee Dobecka is a New Adult author currently residing in south Texas. They hold a B.A. in English - Creative Writing, Fiction from the University of Houston with a minor in Interdisciplinary Art.


Dobecka’s work melds a deep passion for music with medical and religious terminology to create a brutal, lyrical voice. Lee’s writing dances in romantic caprice, delighting in the sad surprises of life. 

Lee's paranormal romance novella, Hunter and Healer and their collection of confessional poetry, Genrequeer: A Mini-Memoir can be found through


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