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When I was small, I found a book of baby name origins and meanings in a grocery store while my mom was in line checking out. I felt I had discovered a rare treasure, and rushed with glee to sneak it onto the conveyor belt.

I've always found joy in naming things for myself and others, naming my works and characters. I even fashioned a new name for myself.

Despite this, I concede that the quest to name a thing, to gain control, is a foolhardy endeavor. It's a deeply human grasping for understanding and truth... those words so grand they almost hold no meaning.

True power lies in those things that defy a pinning down, a naming... those wicked, gorgeous, engulfing things.

As a writer, these nameless things seem to laugh at me, but they are only teaching -- so I do my best to listen.


Lee Dobecka is a writer and video creator currently residing in their home town of Houston, TX. While attending the University of Houston, they found deep inspiration exploring various creative mediums such as acting, sculpture, and radio program production.


Dobecka’s vivid, somewhat brooding writing style is informed by past collaboration and continued friendship with various modes of artists. Lee addresses topics of queer identity and mental illness with a focus on strong visuals and careful cadence, resulting in a uniquely visceral reading experience.


Lee’s paranormal romance novella, Hunter and Healer, is available now through Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.


B.A. in English - Creative Writing, Fiction

Minor in Interdisciplinary Art

December, 2011

University of Houston


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