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Q+A On My 1st Publication

Hey Mystics + Misfits 🖤

I hope ya’ll are doing well! For today’s post I’m going to share an extended interview I had some time ago with an Instagram book reviewer, @a_limitless_reader.

In particular I will be referring to my paranormal romance novella, Hunter and Healer. It was my first self-published work, posted in December 2018. Needless to say, the story is very dear to my heart.

Hunter and Healer is an MM story about a heart-wrenching reunion between ex-lovers Tahomas Holbrook and Kyo Sams San Miguel. It’s a kind of redemption story and a race against time sure to tug on your emotions.

The novella is available for .99 cents through Amazon and is Free with Kindle Unlimited. Naturally, any reads and especially reviews would be deeply appreciated.

So, now that that’s covered, let’s move on to the questions!


1. What does literary success look like to you?

I see success in writing as truly connecting with readers— crafting lines that make them feel more deeply than they expected, developing characters they will remember long after they finish reading.

2. How do you approach the researching process? What have you been looking into recently? I tend to research as needed, as I write. A lot of the studying for my novel Syndrome goes into medical conditions to help me invent my own ailments. I always preferred Biology to other sciences, so it’s really fascinating to me. Humans are strange and wonderful machines.

3. If you didn’t write, what would you do for a living?

Well, writing is not my full-time job (yet!) so right now I’m a data analyst. Even though it’s most plausible, it feels a bit boring to say I’d be an editor. So, I will add that I can see myself as an optometrist. I joke about becoming an eye doctor when I turn 50, so maybe I’d do it early! Helping people with something so vital from a cozy little office seems so fulfilling.

4. How do you choose the names for your characters?

It definitely varies. Most of the time it’s an intuitive process, but for example with Tahomas, I wanted something different but not too strange, since Hunter and Healer takes place in a future alternate universe. Though I’ve not read it, I always liked the names in The Hunger Games series, like how Peeta sounds like Peter. It’s still familiar. I saw the 'Tahoma’ font option in my email and added an ‘s’ so it’s like 'Thomas' said with a slight stutter.

5. What aspect of telling your story did you find particularly difficult?

That’d be the flashback of Tahomas and Kyo’s fight. It’s tricky for me to keep up the natural flow and energy of an argument— maybe that’s because I’m not great at confrontation in real life!

6. When was the first time you realized words held power?

I’d say when I was a kid and first heard ‘Come Together’ by The Beatles. The line “got to be good looking ‘cause he’s so hard to see” really unlocked something in my mind!

7. Do you strive more to be original or write what you think the readers want?

I definitely value originality over popularity. I tend to write what I’d like to read. I believe when a writer is specific with their tone and style, it lends more meaning to the connection with the reader. It makes me think of wearing an obscure band t-shirt— it's that vibe when you run into that one random person that actually recognizes it.

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