My First Time Reading A Birth Chart

Lately I’ve been looking into astrology more. It’s a topic that sometimes makes me more excited than tarot. (Although I surely don’t plan on abandoning that practice any time soon.)

I discuss astrology a lot with my co-workers. It always feels awesome to find people to talk about this stuff with— topics that are not taken very seriously, points of view that are easy to make fun of.

One co-worker of mine (let’s call her ‘R’) has a boyfriend with a Pisces Sun (we’ll call him ‘J’) and was explaining to me one day, how he doesn’t act very Piscean.

A couple months prior, I had discussed with R some aspects of Pisces that are sometimes not mentioned as much, such as their self-sacrificing nature.. and this seemed to make sense of things a bit, but the topic came up again recently.

J presented to me a puzzle, and I wanted to figure it out, if not completely.. then at least to a point that felt satisfying.

In the end, I asked to see the breakdown of J's natal chart, and this is where things got interesting for me. For reference, this is what that part of a chart looks like, when calculated on

(This is a random chart)

As I read the table, two sections jumped out at me in such a natural way that I felt perhaps this kind of spiritual practice is what I am destined to work towards, in earnest. But even now, I'm not sure how much of that sentiment is true(!)

The parts that stood out to me on this chart, of a man I’d never met, were as follows:

Mercury in Aries: Having the planet of communication housed in the first, fiery zodiac sign told me that J most likely expressed himself in a straight-forward and assertive manner, as this placement counteracts the tendency of a Pisces Sun to approach matters in a gentle, even sometimes overly-accommodating manner. Upon asking R about this, she confirmed that it was true.

Neptune in Capricorn: Here I saw that J has the modern ruler of Pisces, the planet of dreams and illusions, in the sign of business, to-do lists, and concrete goals. Upon a bit of research, I found that Neptune in Capricorn is in its Falling placement. A planet in Fall creates tension in the chart, as the planet’s nature is weakened and in contrast with the vibrations of the sign it resides in. I found this to be an even more obvious way J’s Piscean tendencies could have been stifled.


I oftentimes feel doubtful of my abilities to read tarot and accurately discuss astrology, especially as I still feel so new to it. So, the wild thing about this situation was, when I was telling R my thoughts, I was only slightly worried that I was wrong. After a brief rush of doubt, I was pretty damn sure of what I was saying. I remember thinking, This has to be right; I’m reading it right here, in black and white.

In that moment, I felt connected to my intuition. I trusted myself, so I knew I was right.

Overall, I took this mini-reading as a milestone reassuring me that I am in fact making progress in my study of astrology. It serves as a bright flag staked along my path, and I feel empowered and grateful.

I think that’s about it, for now, friends. I hope you stay curious until next time!


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