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Life Update Brought To You By +Affirmations

Tomorrow I start my last week at my current job, and it feels amazing. On my last day I will have been there four years and four months, and I’m so excited for this new chapter!

With this new work I will be paid more to finally work with the English language. It is a more analytical position than the copy writing/marketing jobs I had been applying to, but I’m so thankful to be able to reserve that kind of energy for my personal work. The dress code is relaxed and start time flexible, which is ideal since I will be taking a bus/Lyft there.

I could ramble at length about what I’ll miss at my old job, things I learned there, as well as other reasons I’m amped up for this new one— but instead I will address the title of this post.

I approached this job interview with a more positive/focused attitude than ever before

I’m not a big researcher, but I looked up how to respond to the inevitable ‘tell me about yourself’ prompt, prepared my piece carefully, and tested for the appropriate brevity. I researched the company’s website and re-read the job ad more thoroughly than in the past.

As I got ready for my interview, I spoke aloud a pep talk to myself. I went over my intro and said to myself (and the Universe) things like “My intro is brief and memorable. It will show the interviewer that I will be a great asset to their company. I will stand out and impress them…”

Thanks to You Are A Badass at Making Money, I also included statements such as “I love money and money loves me. I deserve this raise. I have earned $X an hour. I am so thankful for this new level of income. I will use this money to XYZ…”

The morning after the interview, sitting at the bus stop, I started a note in my phone of similar affirmations, with the addition of noting what I did well in the interview. I continued the note on the bus ride and before I went to sleep as well. I was as specific as I could be, as I have read that this helps the Universe know what to send your way (like stating your order at a restaurant.)

There were two things about the process of getting this job that were the most surprising to me— and the first was my behavior during the interview. I seemed to be acting like a different person, and yet I didn’t feel like I was being fake.

I was channeling a version of myself operating at a new, higher frequency

It was a group interview, meaning I was one of four candidates questioned during the meeting. I was still nervous, but much less than usual, especially considering I’d never done a group interview before. My whole mindset and therefore my words/actions were so different it was mildly surreal.

While waiting in the lobby, I smiled more and said hello to people walking by, during the interview I kept better eye contact and spoke with more assertiveness. My responses had clear endings to avoid the awkward fade into silence and I managed to avoid any self-deprecating remarks. Both of these points had been major issues for me in the past.

One small action that felt monumental was that on my way out of the room I stopped and shook hands/thanked the man who is now going to be my supervisor— even though he seemed preoccupied typing notes into his laptop(!) I feel like this one moment of confidence and gratitude perfectly encapsulated my frame of mind during the interview process.

The second surprising aspect of all of this could very well be a coincidence, but honestly it feels like more than that.

I predicted when I’d get a call back, and what news I’d be told

The interview took place on a Wednesday, and I was told I’d have a response within a week’s time, whether I got the position or not. On the Friday two days after my meeting, as I stepped from the elevator unto my floor, at work, I thought to myself “They are going to call me today between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. to tell me I got the job.” It was an intense intuitive hit that truly came out of the blue, and I wound up getting the call in the 11 o’clock hour.

Although my correct prediction felt pretty damn mystical, overall this experience seems to be a simple testament to positive thinking--- a logical outcome of going into a situation with a more confident mindset. I am still somewhat iffy on the manifestation angle, as I believe I was only able to be this confident because the job lined up so well with my skill set and desire.

In the end it may be a type of team work with the Universe. I, of course, have to do my part as well.

It makes me think of looking at a vision board as more of a to-do list than a wish list

I had been working earnestly to find a new job, pushing forward despite many dead ends. I truly believed I was meant for something new and deserved more compensation. The Universe listened and sent a job my way that was such an ideal fit that I couldn't help but walk into the interview feeling empowered.

The point that really drives this idea home for me is one I forgot to mention earlier, and that is that I only heard about my new job because a recruiter reached out to me through Indeed.

I must admit it feels destined, as this type of job never crossed my mind, so I doubt I'd have ever known to search for it. I had solely been searching for editing and copy writing jobs for months, even years. What are the odds that this new position is completely separate from that, as well as tutoring, and still puts my English degree to use?

So, it's with a heart full of gratitude that I wrap up this post. Until next time, loves. I hope you stay curious.

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