10 Compelling Words to Spice Up Your Writing

Hey Mystics and Misfits 🖤

Today’s post is gonna be short + sweet.

So, I’m subscribed to a Word-of-the-Day email through Word Genius (wordgenius.com) and for some months whenever an email held a definition that struck me in a particular way, I’d take a screen shot and put the image in a folder labeled Vocab.

I'm going to share ten of theses words with you today, with definitions from the Word Genius website. I keep no set pattern to the type of words I save, so for this blog I simply put them in alphabetical order.

Here we go!

Aposematic (of coloration or markings) serving to warn or repel predators

Axiomatic self-evident or unquestionable

Caprice a sudden or unaccountable change of mood or behavior

Demonym a noun used to denote the natives or inhabitants of a particular country, state, city, etc. // descriptive term used by a writer as a pen name

Irenic aiming or aimed at peace

Legerity lightness in movement or action; nimbleness, agility; (later, also) flexibility of mind; mental agility // lack of weight or weightiness; lightness of touch or feeling

Mien a person’s look or manner, especially one of a particular kind indicating their character or mood

Personalia personal allusions, belongings, writings, information, etc.

Sempiternal eternal and unchanging; everlasting

Tensile relating to tension // capable of being drawn out or stretched


Well, as promised, that's all for me today. I think I may make a post like this whenever I save ten more words on my phone. I think that'd be fun! Anyway, I hope ya'll are doing well, and thank you so much for reading.


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